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+ 64% of Small Businesses Don’t Have a Website…
The facts and figures about SME websites:

  • 64% of small businesses don’t have a website
  • Those that did, increased business by 25%
  • It’s the new ‘Yellow Pages’

There once was a time when every small business HAD to be in the Yellow Pages (we were one of them); if you weren’t in the big Yellow, you weren’t in business or so went the saying. How have times changed! Now, if you’re in the Yellow Pages you’re merely propping up broken tables somewhere and if you’re not online, you’re losing business to the guy across the road who is online.

To further emphasise just how much the web is taking over, here are some recent stats:

  • 95% of Australians researched for a product or service using their mobile or tablet
  • 79% of Australian businesses don’t actually have website optimised for mobile
  • 61% of mobile device users said ‘they were unlikely to return to a website that they had trouble accessing from their phone’, according to Google

Whether it’s on a tablet, on a smartphone or on their computers, people are using the web to research, price compare, connect with businesses. And yet, 64% of small businesses don’t have a website. This means those that do have a website are getting the increased business from those who don’t.

If cost is a factor in your online strategy (or lack thereof!), then this may be of interest to you.We recommend that small business don’t custom build your website with custom technology – cms, shopping cart, blog, e-newsletters etc – because by the time you’ve built your website (6 to 12 months), the technology is already out of date. And chances are you’ll need to pay significant amounts of money to maintain the website and its technology.

Stella Design now offer pay-by-the-month websites with full editing and e-commerce functionality for a fraction of the cost. Pay-by-the-month means the technology responsibility is ours and we have to make sure your website is always up-to-date. Much easier (and cost effective) for small business!

Being online IS the new Yellow Pages. Social media and e-marketing is making big inroads into how we all connect and do business. E-marketing is not the future, its actually here right now, it’s the present.

The combination of a good e-commerce website, strong social media and e-marketing strategy is increasing people’s sales. If you’d like to know how easy – and cost effective an online presence can be call Joanne Gianotto at Stella Design on (02) 8217 0000.

+ SES now need YOUR help

The headquarters of Strathfield SES, where Joanne has volunteered for over 6 years as a Deputy Local Controller (aka 2IC), has been destroyed in a fire over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. Police are treating the incident suspiciously.

The fire is the second in four years and has caused more than $200,000 in damage. The unit is devastated, but are holding strong and are determined to continue to help the community.

Strathfield SES is a tax-deductible gift recipient and is looking for your support or donations, whether financial or in-kind (to help rebuild the unit for the second time) as well as to replace uniforms and equipment. For further information contact Joanne in the studio or on joanne@stelladesign.com.au.

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