Are you a Serial Website Hashtag User? (Part 2)

There are a lot of website users that simply don’t understand the use of a hashtag. See our article ‘Are you a Serial Website Hashtag User? (Part 1)‘ for information on why you should use hashtags.

What you should NOT do with hashtags?

Using hashtags on every social network website can appear lazy to your fans and followers, as it is a give away that you are posting the same status across multiple networks. Many savvy social media users may perceive you as amateurish and for a business you can lose credibility.

Each audience is different on every social network. They speak, post and interact differently and your behaviour should be catering to the target audience.

If the hashtag does not do anything, or doesn’t enhance or add value, then simply don’t use it. You are wasting valuable character space, especially where Twitter is concerned.

Ensure your hashtag works; don’t use spaces or punctuation in the hashtag only the first part will work. Here’s an example:  #stella’sdesign, #stella_design, or #stella design – in each of these cases only #stella will work.

Don’t #Hashtag #every #single #word #that #write, social media website etiquette says its annoying and does make your post hard to read. Try to avoid using a hashtag as one giant long word (#hashtagonebiglongword). There is no point, it is useless.

Another social media ‘no no’ is to make up words or acronyms and hashtag it. In most of these cases, not many people will know that the hashtag exists; therefore no one will use it. Think about the first time you heard the word ‘Google’, it probably didn’t make sense to you either?

Not everyone will understand every single hashtag that you use. However as long as your target audience understands the general basis of your hashtag, this is what matters the most.

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