How to Build your Email Marketing Distribution list

It can be difficult to generate a list of people to send your email marketing too. And even more difficult to generate ongoing marketing results and traffic to your website.

Today, you can’t just create a website without using it as a platform for your marketing. You have to get traffic (or visitors) to your website. A simple way to do this is have a blog, where you can post articles that your audience will want to read and easily convert enquiries into sales and enquiries.

An effective way to drive traffic to your website is through an electronic direct mail (eDM) or electronic newsletter (eNewslwetter). However, you need a list to of emails to start with.

Here are some tips to help you generate a list of names and emails to send too:

Email Form: Have an opt-in form on your website that is easily visible and accessible that tells your audience what the benefit of subscribing is to them. Your form doesn’t have to be long, it needs to have a call-to-action and collect their name and email address details.

Comments: Have a small checkbox at the end of the comments section on your blog. This will allow users to opt-in to receive updates and your eNewsletter.

Free Offer: Offer something small, free, or as a give away to increase your distribution (email) list. You can offer a free eBook, a free consultation, or a free gift. Keep in mind the cost or logistics of your free offer as well.

Encourage subscribers: Don’t want for people to fill in your opt-in subscribe form. Tell them about it and ask them to do it (that’s a call-to-action).

Pop-Ups: Adding a pop-up window to your website that encourages subscribers is a highly-effective technique. Please be careful with overusing this as some users can find this annoying. It can turn people off your website.

Facebook page: You can add an opt-in form to your Facebook page to encourage your Facebook fans to opt-in and subscribe. The form integrated into your Facebook page makes it easy for them to do this as they never have to leave the Facebook website to do so.

Word of Mouth: Encourage your existing subscribers to share your emails with others or invite others to subscribe. Offer an incentive of rewards to thank them for doing this as well.

Remember, it is about that quality (not quantity) of the emails addresses you have on your list.

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