Stella Design is looking for students of graduates to become a part of the Stella family through our Intern Program.

This role primarily involves working closely with the design team on various projects in an environment that fosters creativity. You will be given the opportunity to utilise and further develop your skills by putting your training into real world experience. You’ll also get the opportunity to work with the Creative Director (one-on-one time) to help with your folio or anything you’d like to ask or learn.

We’re looking for students or graduates who have the ability to switch easily between projects, you will need to be able to think on your feet in a fasted paced environment and show a lot of initiative, the ability to communicate and a general willingness to give anything a go.

We are seeking a switched on person who has high levels of energy and enthusiasm. If you’re not self-motivated, committed and willing to go the extra mile, then don’t bother applying, we’re only after people who are serious about advancing their career.

Tasks can include:
+ Proofreading, and final project check/quality control
+ Take verbal instructions and written direction from the Team and Senior Management
+ Complete alterations, corrections and modifications to Microsoft Office files in response to a brief from another member of the Stella Design team
+ Research and sourcing of information, productions or similar in relation to briefs
+ Assisting Senior Management through a variety of administrative tasks, including but not limited to, research, archiving, cataloguing, filing or data entry, as required
+ Manage your time and workload effectively to meet set deadlines Online research and investigation
+ Administrative tasks, including research, archiving, cataloging, filing or data entry, as required

Skills, Qualities and/or Qualifications:
+ Strong computer skills, especially with the Microsoft Office Suite on a PC and Mac (Mac experience preferred but not essential)
+ Writing skills a must
+ Familiar with gathering and collating research (online and offline)
+ Attention to detail
+ Knowledge of the design/advertising/communications industry (preferred, but not essential)
+ Like our Facebook Fan page or Twitter profile and encourage your friends to like it too

At the completion of your time with Stella Design you will have:
+ Work in a commercial environment in the communications space
+ Further exposure to the design and digital space/environment
+ Opportunity to work with the Company Directors (one-on-one time) to help you learn about the business world or anything you’d like to ask or learn
+ Exposure to a variety of other industry types through our client base/exposure
+ Hands on experience in a business environment
+ Possibility to move into a permanent full-time position

If you would like to use this position for Professional Experience as part of your university or tertiary course please let us know. We have Intern Work Placements available and can accommodate 2-3 days per week.

Please note that this is an unpaid position.

Only successful applications will be contacted.

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