Have you done your own website SEO?

After seeing clients and fellow business owners not see results from scam adwords or website SEO campaigns and also falling victim to the same tricks, we decided to try it ourselves.

We decided to learn as much as possible very quickly about the basics of website SEO and about how Google determines a website’s relevance and categorises it.  It was difficult when we got started – there was so much to learn and it’s quite technical. Starting with the basic guidelines from Google, we worked our way up from there.

We partnered with another business and swapped and shared our ideas and knowledge about SEO to test firsthand what did and didn’t work, so we learned quickly by trial and error. The beauty of SEO is that it is very liquid – you can easily change your pathway if it’s not working.

After a bit of a learning curve with extensive experimentation we achieved success through our SEO and decided to offer it as a service to clients. We used the methods discovered through trial and error and recommend techniques we have tried and tested ourselves.

SEO is much more than just ‘being found through Google’ or ‘owning a key word’ it’s about generating leads for your business, a constant cost-effective stream of them. We now maintain our own SEO on a monthly basis and have seen our rankings increase strongly since February 2012. We have seen our leads increase by approximately 30% through our website and Google searches alone, which attributes to around 26% of our turnover now.

We’d recommend all businesses learn about SEO to see how cost-effective this marketing activity really is, and how it can become an untapped resource of new business leads.

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  • Cal Gapeappami April 2, 2013

    In concept I would like to do this, but what can I say? I procrastinate alot.

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