Sales Growth, What it means for your Marketing?

As business owners, there is no denying that we’ve all had a rough patch in business. For some business’ it’s meant closure, for others, tightening marketing budgets and running operations on the smell of an oily rag (as they say). Interestingly, many of the businesses that seem to have survived through the rough patch have all had one thing in common – they didn’t STOP marketing their brand.

So why is this good news for business?

Recently, Gerry Harvey, a retail giant in Australia, was quoted as saying ‘the worst trading conditions he has seen in more than half a century of business might have bottomed’, following a report that his electrical and furniture stores had posted a quarterly sales growth, the first in the last two years. Harvey also went on to say ‘You have got signs over the last few months…that there is a bit more talk we have reached the bottom, plateaued, and now there are signs that we are on the way up’. (Source: SMH Online)

So, what does this mean for your business?

Simply put, if you have neglected or even ceased doing any type of marketing activity for the last few quarters (or even years…) then now is the time to act. With evidence of increasing consumer confidence many brands should be taking advantage of the optimism in the marketplace, and start gaining increased awareness.

There are many ways a business can do this, either through a one off direct approach to an existing audience, or something over a longer term that runs more as a campaign. Some of the most cost effective activities include the use of electronic direct mail, social media and taking advantage of crisis space advertising. Many of these activities can be completed in house through a committed or dedicated team member.

In my experience, I find that business’ often don’t know where to start, but once they pass the point of inertia, the momentum to keep on going becomes easier. Stella Design is all too familiar with creating (and maintaining) strategic marketing campaigns for not only to build brands, but to increase overall business sales.

Campaigns are no longer reserved for larger business or global brands. Many small businesses and startups are adopting an aggressive marketing strategy to help grow their sales, and becoming very successful at it.

If you find yourself looking at how to grow your sales figures, or wondering where to start with a strategic marketing plan, then it’s time we had a coffee (on me).

Written By Stella Gianotto, Founder and Creative Director, Stella Design
A strategic brand and marketing strategist for over 15 years.

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