Is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) worth the trouble?

Before we can answer the question is SEO worth it, we have to understand the value of SEO. Lets start with the actual definition of SEO, according to Wikipedia ‘Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is: “the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid (“organic”) search result“.

That definition doesn’t mean anything to a business owner with a website or thinking about creating a website.

My explanation of what SEO means to a business owner ‘SEO creates more leads for you’. Now we can answer the question ‘YES’, SEO is worth the effort. If you want to increase your business or make more money – then answer would still be YES.

As a Branding and Design agency we’ve been managing our own SEO for a few years now. Why? We were sick of paying companies who could do nothing more than to offer a very technical synopsis of our website, and couldn’t actually put it into a ‘real world’ context of how it could apply to the business.

Through trial and error (and heavily reviewing the results) along the way we’ve had quite a few successes with SEO and managed to replicate the same success for many of our clients.

Here are the top 5 SEO successes we’ve personally had:

- By heavily promoting and target specific key words as part of your SEO you can see your website being ranked on the first few pages of Google. Our website has moved onto page 1 of Google for our keywords.

- By having a presence on page 1 of Google increases your leads for new business. We have had double the average lead on a weekly basis.

- When we added a blog to our website and blogged at least once a week on average our interactions (shares, comments and likes on social media) went up by 400%, this increased our ranking online – this is also a strategy that we encourage ALL of our clients to adopt as part of their marketing too.

- Using eDM’s (electronic direct mail) helps SEO overall and drives traffic to (and through your website). Our average click through to our website increased to over 700% when we started a regular program.

- In addition to the blog, when you increase the amount of social media outlets you use (ie expanding from using only Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn, to include Pinterest, YouTube and Google+ for example) traffic stats to your website will increase. Ours did by 25% on a monthly basis.

Any business wanting to leverage their SEO has to understand that there is no ONE SINGLE component of SEO that works for ‘all business’. There is NO MAGIC TRICK and it is no ‘one model suits all’.

SEO is a combination of smaller frequent actions over a period of time that first creates SEO and then builds a very powerful tool to generate leads and new business.

All of the strategies mentioned above have had a direct impact to the sales of any business that has applied these.

Like all business entrepreneurs, we too forget to work on our own SEO. So what happens when we don’t work on our SEO? Quite simply, our phones stop ringing!

What SEO have your implemented in your business to keep the phone’s ringing?

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  • Ben April 20, 2014

    Wonderful post

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