As Founder and Creative Director of Stella Design, I have lived and breathed the design industry for over 15 years.  I have worked with high-profile brands such as Sportsgirl, Sportscraft Group, SOCOG and Mattel, but have a soft spot for SMEs. I went out on my own ten years ago, frustrated with bureaucracy, high staff turnover and never receiving client feedback (as well as the boss looking down my top) and have never looked back.

Stella is my name and means ‘star’ in Italian. It is a universal mark of quality and excellence: everything our brand stands for. I’m constantly challenged to better myself and perform more efficiently and effectively for the benefit of my clients. It’s so rewarding: from seeing staff achieve their goals to compliments from clients, I’m passionate about what I do. Success is rarely achieved alone – I have been involved with BNI, Italian Chamber of Commerce, Rise and Shine, AGDA and the Australian Web Industry Association.

Work is no longer work for me: I do it on holidays, late nights, weekends, even in the bath tub if I choose to. Now I have my own little empire – although small we are receiving awards and commendations. It’s also about giving back – I guest lecture in design and mentor and nurture my creative team and interns. Outside of Stella Design, I enjoy cooking, running and participating in community events and fun runs.

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