To Pin Or Not To Pin Your Brand

As seen on The Signwriters Blog.

Pinterest is one of the latest social networking mediums to emerge. If you haven’t heard of it, it is a virtual online pin board that allows you to ‘pin’ ideas, images, and inspiration onto a board. It is fast becoming a way for brands to share their personality.

Pinterest has also been popularised as a place to build brands by sharing ideas and inspiration. The website allows you to share your brand’s essence and values, and see how people react to them via repins, likes and comments. Existing and potential customers can see what inspires your brand.

People (or followers) can also click on pins to reach a company’s website, this will increasee traffic through search engine optimisation. It allows customers the ability to find out more about other services your brand provides.

The unique ‘Pinterest’ layout is user-friendly, visually engaging and is edu-taining. It’s one of the reasons why many brands have turned to this website to market themselves. Research has found that Pinterest has driven heavier referral traffic than GooglePlus, LinkedIn and YouTube combined in recent months.

In fact, there are over 48.7 million users on Pinterest (according to Wikipedia February 2013), with women tending to use Pinterest 5 times more than men with the demographic of age sitting at 20% of women aged between 20 – 49 using Pinterest.

If this is your brand’s target audience, then here are some ideas to help you leverage your brand through Pinterest.

Pinterest can help your brand by:

– Being a tool for market research, your can use images and keyword searches that allow insights into target audiences, what they think of your product or services
– You can showcase your brand’s products or services, include images that interest your brand, images of company insights or products in the making
– It’s a great way to establish connections or run a competition, such as Honda’s “Pintermission” campaign to promote the new CRV
– Even use it as a recruitment tool, people who are active pinners who are interested in working with your brand will tend to follow you, so why not use it to extend your recruiting efforts

Pinterest has captured many high level brands who are becoming involved with more social responsibility and overall education; and as a result, Pinterest has created a business library. Tutorials, improvements, contests and even a board about things that businesses should “unpin” have been included in the category that allows for business growth. This is all aimed at helping brands leverage themselves on this social medium.

The possibilities of leverage your brand on Pinterest are seemingly endless. Now the question remains, to pin or not to pin your brand?

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