What the …. is a marketing campaign?

A marketing campaign refers to a series of marketing activities, where a brand will communicate in a specific design style and tone, throughout a series of 3-4 targeted marketing messages. A marketing campaign can be spread across different mediums, all at different frequencies that sit within a brand’s guidelines.

To help us understand this deeper, the definition of ‘marketing’ is ‘the act of buying or selling in a market‘.

Today, a branded marketing campaign can be used on social media, in traditional print advertising, online advertising, billboards, bus shelters, newspapers or publications, direct mail or electronic direct mail – all with the purpose of helping to buy or sell in a market.

So, what makes a marketing campaign successful?

A successful a marketing campaign aims to get the target audience to take a desired and intended action (such as call you or like you on Facebook). This action can take various forms and is determined by what the brand (and the client) wants to achieve from the advertisement (increased sales, more leads) and/or the type of campaign being used (social media, advertising, electronic direct mail).

How to spot an unsuccessful marketing campaign?

Quite simply if your marketing campaign is not branded and does not have a ‘call-to-action’, it’s already unsuccessful before it hits the market or seen by your intended audience.

In some industries, marketing without a call-to-action is considered nothing more than branded, shameless self-promotion. Yet all too often, most marketing material we see, fails to have this basic fundamental.

So, what can you do to make your marketing campaign successful?

Any good marketing campaign aims to have a combination of activities that include online (for example, blogging or social media) and offline (for example, direct mail and advertising), all within the brand’s guidelines.

We recommend that your marketing campaign be branded and target both your existing clients (people you already do business with) and new clients or prospects (people who you have yet to do business with).

To help you select the best marketing activity to suit your brand, your business (and your budget), we would like to offer you a complimentary copy of Stella Gianotto’s eBook ‘Marketing Brands Made Easy’, which is available to download (click here).

So what marketing activities will you commit to?

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