Why is Facebook like sex?

While it might appear a shocking statement at first glance, social networks have a surprising number of similarities to sex. This extended metaphor is based on rather obvious (soon to be disclosed) characteristics of each social network.

Here is a list of the top reasons why Facebook is like sex:

1. People are hesitant at first, and aren’t sure if they’ll do it right.
2. The basics are easy to figure out, but more advanced skills can be learned in a book, from a good coach or online research.
3. Once people get the hang of it, they tend to get addicted, and want to do it more often.
4. It’s so much fun that people usually do it for free, although some people do get paid to do it too.
5. One mistake can follow you for life, so choose your words and photos carefully.
6. It’s best to avoid doing it at work, unless it’s your job.
7. Comments are generally welcomed, and everyone has an opinion.
8. It can be difficult to come up with new ideas that are still exciting and engaging.
9. People often take the time to do it before going to sleep and when they first wake up.
And finally,
10. The best results often occur when there is a lot of passion involved.

The experience is most satisfying for everyone when the enjoyment is obvious. “Life without it might be safer, but it would be unbearably dull” (HL Mencken).

Comments (2)
  • Stacie Piper December 28, 2012

    Hey very interesting!

  • Albert Myrtis April 30, 2013

    Interesting read!

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