You have a Website, What’s Next?

Having an online presence, a website, is one of the first steps that many brands take. To what? (I hear you ask), the step towards creating an online presence and being mobile responsive so that you can be found.

A lot of clients build a website, launch it into the World Wide Web (WWW) and expect that traffic will flow to the website, without any extra effort. The reality is, it doesn’t, not without some help. There are many Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) providers and specialists out there promoting a website for less than $500 (and cheaper in some cases), however all you are really receiving is a template for a website, without any consideration of how your brand generates leads or an understanding of what technology is best suited to you and your business.

Being online today has more depth importance than it used to. It has quickly shifted as being one of the number one resource every business MUST have, beside a brand and a business card. It is vital in marketing today. In most cases a website (or an entire online campaign) has replaced many traditional forms of marketing.

Here are our Top 3 considerations any website should have when you launch:

• The ability to change the website’s content
• Managing your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) yourself
• Having a Social Media presence

All of these factors really do need to be considered at the planning stage of the website (not the building stage). However if you’ve launched without them (in most cases), it’s not too difficult to add them in. A good local website designer or developer will be able to assist you with your requirements, designing and/or building the website for you.

If you are looking to save money you could simply hire a design company or graphic designer (with web interface knowledge) to design a website template for you. They can help integrate the information into your website and teach you to maintain it yourself. It is very simple and generally only requires learning 3-4 actions to be able to manage your website.

By comparison, you have more actions to remember when using your iPhone!

Stella Design can assist you with the planning and building stage of your website as not only do we have a team of website designers and website developers (onsite) who have web interface knowledge, and we can integrate your information into your website and teach you to maintain by yourself. For more information contact Stella Design today.

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