Who has time to send Christmas Cards anymore?

The custom of sending people custom designed Christmas Cards started in the United Kingdom in 1843 by Sir Henry Cole, where the first card sold for roughly 8 cents. Advanced technology allowed the Christmas card tradition to perpetuate into the mainstream, being something we’ve all become accustom too.

According to moo.com, 1.5 billion Christmas Cards were sent in the United States, compared to 678.9 million in the United Kingdom in 2010 with 65% of those card customers are female. Even Santa receives over 600,000 cards each year in Finland, so clearly the tradition is not dead yet.

Depending on your geographical location, the holiday season is cold and bitter for many over the Christmas Holiday period that includes your customers too.

A client or customer essentially feeds you, and your business. So it is important to give something back to those client and customers who have supported you. Christmas is a perfect time to show you care.

Whilst December can be a ‘tight’ month for many, and if a tangible gift isn’t your company’s style then an e-card can have provide you with an affordable, environmentally friendly and fully customizable option to display your appreciation.

To send a gift to your clients or customers, puts your business in a positive light, and also shows your appreciation to your customer, client or service provider. It assists in keeping your brand top of mind, when that person thinks of your product or services.

Wouldn’t it be nice if those individuals talked about your company in a positive light?

Producing costs where Christmas cards are concerned are extraordinarily cost effective, so being able to personalise your greeting card her become more affordable than ever.

At Stella Design, we can assist you with your Christmas Cards to ensure your brand gains maximum exposure.

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