Tips for Business Owners and the Holidays

As seen on Family Capers.

My tips for business owners and the holidays:

Don’t neglect your marketing over the holiday season – people can still be reached and it’s an ideal time to connect with people as there is less noise as many companies do go on a hiatus. This will mean you hit the ground running when the new year arrives.

If business does slow down over the holidays, use the opportunity to do some housekeeping, such as checking up on your SEO and surveying customers or clients. It will pay off when business is back to normal, and those niggling jobs have been crossed off.

Ensure you are on top of your deadlines before your staff take holidays. If an employee is on leave and on the other side of the world and but her projects need revisions, this will be problematic. Have an emergency contingency plan in place.

Reflect on your year with your staff and clients. What worked, and what can be improved? Use these insights to make your business more efficient and effective next year. Are you on top of your client databases, aware of competitors?

Plan ahead, and generate business for next year. Offering early bird discounts or other incentives now for January or February can help start the year off well. It’s also an opportunity to start to think about your marketing plan for the whole year.

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