Top 10 Logo Design Mistakes (Part 1)

As seen on The Signwriters blog

First impressions are everything, which means a logo design is a crucial component of a brand. A brand can be more effectively and efficiently expressed through a logo much than through a written explanation of their products or services. With that in mind, why are so many companies falling behind with the trend of modern marketing through brands? Here are the top ten mistakes companies and products tend to make with their logos:

1. Picking a logo that is too similar to another brand’s – Once a brand has become established it starts to become recognised by the general public. If you choose a logo that’s too similar to another brand your market presence may be forgotten or overlooked as your logo is mistaken for someone else’s, and worse still they win the business!

2. Selecting an inappropriate font – font is just as important as the design of a logo. The font should incorporate the same feel as the company. Whether it is modern, old fashioned, or a sophisticated italic, it must match the overall appearance and personality of the brand or company.

3. Forgetting about the target audience – a logo should be designed to appeal to your target audience. Your logo is used on the front line as a tool to aesthetically draw the attention of your target audience and communicate your brand’s message. Unless your Mum or spouse is your target market, don’t rely too heavily on their opinion.

4. Using cliché trends – dots, swooshes, straight lines; these clichés have been so overused that they are usually disregarded. Don’t try to spruce up a logo with these ineffective additions either as it will cheapen your brand.

5. Relying on colour – while colour is a great feature to enhance a logo, it isn’t always the best option. Make sure you’ve selected a design that represents your company even in black and white. Chances are you’ll have to print it without the pop of colour, so make sure the design has other important features and at the very least works in black and white.

Stay tuned for Part 2 for a further five tips!

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