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They say that you should love what you do and this why many of us spend hours refining our trade, networking, and losing sleep over little things to ensure that everything is just right.

At Stella Design, we all love what we do. Without that love, there is no creativity. And, without that creativity, there is no communication.

We’d like to share with you some of our recent client projects that we love. But, don’t worry if you’re not on the list, we wouldn’t be working with you if you didn’t love you and what you do.

Please feel free to share the love. We’d welcome any referrals and we’d love nothing more than show you, how your brand, can build your business.

Guaranteed Marketing Longevity

Di Lorenzo Direct Marketing PieceThe Stella Design team loved working on this project for the client, as traditionally we have only developed their online communications.

This project was an opportunity to create a marketing piece, in the form of a mini-magazine that was cleverly used as a sales tool to generate more business.

The marketing piece was developed into a campaign that was distributed using direct mail techniques, and was created as a supplement on the back-end of DIY and Home Improvement Shows. The campaign targeted specific areas and audiences based on the client’s sales history.

Many of the marketing pieces were available in-store and used as a give-away piece to potential new customers walking through the stores.

The results: the campaign was quick to generate a flurry of interest and increased visits to their stores initially. Months later the campaign was still effective as designers and suppliers were using the marketing piece as a reference point, indicated or demanded by their clients overall.

As many have kept the marketing piece as reference material it has served its purpose long after the campaign was distributed to the target audience.

The client will be utilizing this campaign as a bi-annual marketing tool.

This project had amazing visuals to work with, and a client open to suggestions overall on what creative to use.

Stella Design added in some shameless self-promotion, with a hint of designer’s advice to ensure that booklet didn’t simply look like a product catalogue overall. This guaranteed its longevity.

See the marketing piece here.

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