Use It or Lose It: Graphic Design Budget

The end of financial year tends to creep up on us every calendar year, and we experience a last minute rush from clients who want to maximise the current years marketing and graphic design budget, and their tax claim.

So, to brighten up the end of financial year, we have decided to help our Graphic Design, Web Design and Marketing Interns get into the spirit of experiencing what a ‘real creative agency’ looks and feels like.

Before the end of this financial year, Stella Design is going to offer any client or prospect, 20% off any valid quote signed on (and deposit paid) before 30th June 2013.

What this means for you is:

 – An opportunity to spend the last of the marketing and graphic design budget for tax purposes (if you are a small business owner), and an opportunity to not lose the marketing and graphic design budget (if you are in corporate),

 – It gives our Graphic Design, Web Design and Marketing Interns an opportunity to gain real work experience and industry knowledge on what many tertiary institutions call ‘a real commercial project’ however you will still receive the same high quality work, and

 – You, as the client, have an opportunity to save money!

There are a few terms and conditions that will apply, however if you are interested then please contact either Joanne or Stella in the studio and arrange to get your project started today.

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