New Year, New Studio

Coming into 2014, the year of the Horse, there is a lot of positive energy and many encouraging signs where business is concerned.

For Stella Design, 2014 will bring a few changes. You can expect to see increased services, a greater offering for small business, a refresh of our very own brand, and many more workshops and networking events.

Later in the year Stella Design will be releasing a series of templates, campaigns, and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) online programs that will offer a far greater capacity for our team to work with any size business and cater to many different budgets.

If fact, we’ve already started implementing our change management plan before Christmas last year. During the break Stella Design relocated premises to a new building in Sydney, with great views of the surrounding area.

With the move comes improved facilities, an increased capacity for more ‘How to’ Workshops, and more DIY Programs for small business.

Stella Design is also offering a greater range of services including copywriting, social media campaigns (that will get you set-up and will teach you how to run a campaign yourself), and greater business development services too. That means that our expert team and partners can now help you build and find new business for you too – offering you more than branding, design, and overall marketing.

Take the opportunity to drop by to enjoy a great coffee and Italian biscotti with us, or make an appointment to have Stella, our Creative Director and Founder, sit with you and work out a business strategy for you in 2014!

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